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The official all inclusive card of the county Regen.



At Rothbacher Hof each guest staying overnight automatically receives his personal aktivCard Bayerischer Wald, which is a part of the official guest card of Bodenmais.


With this unique card many recreational services are included throughout the holidays. More than 80 activities from various tourist fields such as cable cars, spas, museums, recreational facilities, nature and family experiences, sports and hiking events are free of charge for the duration of your stay.

...additionally you should know this!

The aktivCARD Bayerischer Wald

  • is not available on the open market, but only with your hosts
  • can not be transferred
  • includes the previous guest card its benefits
  • (You get no extra guest card additionally!)
  • is valid during your entire stay
  • under certain circumstances the range of services can be limited due to weather conditions or operational issues (Please inform yourself before claiming a benefit from our performance partners)


Currently the 21 municipalities in the national park and nature park area Bavarian Forest offer free mobility by bus and train for their holiday guests.

The visitor's card with the "GUTi" logo countsd as a free-to-use ticket throughout the entire vacation.

GUTi, the environmental guest service ticket, provides across the Bavarian Forest for environmentally friendly and sustainable mobility in the "GUTi-places":

Arnbruck, Bayerisch Eisenstein, Bischofsmais, Bodenmais, Drachselsried, Frauenau, Grafenau, Hohenau, Kirchdorf im Wald, Lam, Langdorf, Lindberg, Mauth, Neuschönau, Phillipsreut, Regen, Schönberg/Eppenschlag, Spiegelau, St. Oswald-Riedlhütte, Waldkirchen and Zwiesel.

The visitor's card with the "GUTi" logo is valid for unlimited travels by public bus and train in the Bayerwald Ticket pay scale area and in neighboring transport association "VLC" (Verkehrsgemeinschaft Landkreis Cham). You receive the GUTi-guest card without any additional payment directly at the check-in with your tourist accomodation.

The expression "GUTi" stands for candy or small reward in the Bavarian parlance. Our "GUTi" rewards guests, who travel within the national park and the nature park area Bavarion forest environmentally friendly without a car. You can easily access hikes with different origins and destinations, save fuel costs and parking fees and be chauffeured comfortably and safely.

For the valid timetables, see the route map and our schedule listings. At all tourist informations and from your accomodation you get the free foldable route map with timetables to the "Bayerwald Ticket" and "GUTi" as well as many other suggestions for leisure and recreational activities without a car.

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